Historic Sites In Tucson –
Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

The Sonoran Desert is home to some of the world’s most incredible landscapes. But the beauty you’ll find in our desert home is matched by a rich history that has been preserved throughout the Old Pueblo. If you’re relocating to Southern Arizona, or even just visiting for a weekend, there are a few historic sites in Tucson that we recommend. You don’t need a whip and a fedora to explore ancient ruins, just take a spin through Tucson and see why parts of our city have been called a veritable time capsule.

3. The Fort Lowell Ruins

Ft. Lowell park, located on the corner of Glenn and Craycroft, might look like just a regular park at first glance. But several adobe structures, still intact after over 100 years show that there’s more to this idyllic little park than meets the eye. As you walk through the grassy fields, you discover several Adobe ruins: the remains of a military fort. The pride of the historic site is the hospital. Although in ruin, it is still remarkably intact and offers a unique insight into the military operations that took place there. For those looking for more, there’s a Fort Lowell Museum located in the park for further exploration.

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