6 Things You Never Knew About Golf

4. You Can’t Build a New Course in China

Several years ago, China placed a ban on the the construction of new golf courses. However, golf-enthusiasts haven’t been deterred from doing so in spite of the ban. Developers get around the ban by simply neglecting to mention that what they’re building is in fact a golf course!

5. Golf Was Played On The Moon!

Not just a sport of kings and nobility, but a favored sport of astronauts as well! Only two sports have the distinction of having been played on the moon: javelin and golf. On February 6, 1967, Alan Bartlett Sheppard Jr.performed a one-handed swing with a six iron on the lunar surface. The ball went flying thanks to the low gravity on the moon.

6. Golf Balls Used to be Made of Wood….. and Feathers!

Not a typo! The first golf balls were made of wood! From the 1300s to the 1600s, the typical golf ball was a small wooden sphere that had to be replaced every few games due to wear. Also around that time, featheries, an alternative type of golf ball could be found. These were leather pouches filled with, you guessed it, feathers. These were a far cry from the plastic and rubber golf balls we know and love today.

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