The Sonoran Desert – Five Facts

The mountains, the sunsets, the diverse wildlife; it’s all a part of life in the enchanting Sonoran Desert. But if you’ve never lived here, you should know, the desert here is more than just beautiful; it’s absolutely fascinating. Here are five quick facts about the Sonoran Desert that will some shed light on why life here is nothing short of incredible.

5. The Sonoran Desert Is More Diverse Than You Thought

The Sonoran Desert is far and away the hottest and most biodiverse desert in North America. We have a lot more than just the occasional rattle snake living out here: 60 species of mammals, over 350 kinds of birds, 20 different amphibians, and about 100 types of reptiles call this place home. Oh, and did we mention there are over 2,000 native species of plants?

4. We Have Rain!

One of the reasons our plant and animal life is so incredibly varied is due to our two rainy seasons! We have monsoon season in the summer and our winter brings rains from the Pacific. Being surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges ensures that we receive more rain than other places.

3. But Not TOO Much Rain…

Our little spot on the globe is near enough to the equator to keep temperatures warm, but far enough away to keep us relatively dry. We are on what’s called a Horse Latitude; many of the world’s deserts are located in these latitudes.

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