The Sonoran Desert – Five Facts

2. Our Plants are Unique

Did you know that the Ocotillo tree may lose its leaves during a drought? Similar to how trees in other parts of the world lose their leaves in the winter. And the Mesquite tree can have roots that grow 30 meters down into the soil to find moisture! No doubt about it, the flora in the Sonoran Desert have developed some creative survival tactics. It’s an ideal place for amateur gardeners, because our plants are so hardy!

1. The Animals are Even More Unique!

Anyone can see just by looking at the vast amounts of plant life in our desert that we boast plants that can survive some of the world’s most extreme conditions. But what about the animals? As it turns out, our fauna have the same intrepid nature. Roadrunners (which look nothing like the cartoon) can run at speeds up to 40 kilometers an hour! But that’s nothing compared to the Kangaroo Rat; they can survive without water for their entire lives! Instead they get water from the seeds and leaves that they eat. Their fascinating metabolic system is extremely effective at conserving water.

These are just a few facts about the amazing Sonoran Desert. It’s one of the most unique and beautiful places on Earth. But the only way to truly know how incredible this place can really be, is to experience it for yourself.

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