The Vision

Working with you to find the ideal real estate opportunity is long-time Starr Pass Broker Sharon Shinn Smith. Sharon was raised in Southern Arizona and for the past 30 years has worked in environmental land planning and real estate developments. She has held a real estate license since 1983 and has been the primary broker for Starr Pass since its inception in 1993. Her love and knowledge of the desert, its lore and legends are based on true life experiences.

Sharon believes that living in Starr Pass is magical, combining the natural environment with quality living conditions. Sharon respects the developers of Starr Pass in the highest degree. When she asked that to have the resort site blessed by a Native American Spiritual Adviser prior to the beginning of the construction process, they said “yes”. Their commitment and respect for the environment is unparalleled today and also allows for rapid appreciation in values.

Sharon believes that real estate sales is not about selling; it’s about educating the public regarding the method of developing with compatibility for the Sonoran Desert. Once you see the desert, the wildlife within in, the dark skies with views of the galaxies, the jewel colors of the mountains, and sky, Starr Pass will sell itself. There is something else about Starr Pass and Tucson that really makes the community a wonderful place to live. It’s the friendliness of the locals. There is a kindness here that is genuine and makes a person feel at home in no time.
Over the years Sharon has mentored many real estate agents who have since become very successful in their professional fields of choice. She enjoys teaching and she loves to see people succeed. In 1999 Sharon enrolled her brother Brian M. Shinn in the Real Estate world of Starr Pass Realty. Sharon and Brian come from a military family and have traveled to many places in the world, yet Arizona has been their primary home. As children of the military they were born for chores, dedication and making sure they are doing a job well done. Sharon and Brian have been the primary “team” for the last 21 years and they understand what the Sellers and Buyers need. Working side by side they are trained and knowledgeable about the development, architectural guidelines, homeowner associations, real estate practices, mortgage brokerage, the construction process, property management and golf memberships. The real estate center operates out of the clubhouse and is open from 10:00 am until business is done for the day.